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mix two; 힘내! ~Yes It's You~

~Yes It's You~

a mix for those times when you can’t stop teuking but just want to smile.

a mix about having strength and doing your best and taking a chance and knowing that tomorrow will surely be sunny. a mix to remind you to keep the faith, to believe a little more in yourself and the people you love that love you. a mix to make you crack a tiny smile, and cling a little harder to hope.

a mix that reminds you that after the tears, there is always a smile waiting.

a mix to tell you i love you, and support you, and will cheer you on. keep your chin up. one day you’re gonna do great things.

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01. To The Beat of Our Noisy Hearts Matt Nathanson
02. Care Akanishi Jin
03. My Generation YUI
04. Maze Kim Jaejoong
05. Ordinary Nishikido Ryo
06. Suspension Mae
07. Laugh Away YUI
08. promise you anyband
09. Kiss the Baby Sky DBSK
10. You and Me Super Junior M
11. Seoul Song SNSD + Super Junior
12. sugarless GIRL capsule
13. Miracle Super Junior
14. Hahaha SNSD
15. Confession Super Junior M
16. Brand New Day Leah Dizon
17. Me Super Junior M
18. Smile Maker NEWS
19. Wonder Boy Super Junior
20. Way To Go SNSD

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